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Please use the Ordering Online Contact form below when contacting us about a specific wreath in our blog or newsletters. Whenever possible, please include the title of the wreath, its URL if you know it, or the newsletter date or headline of the newsletter and any specifics or questions that you might have.


Prior Sales

Wreaths in our blog or newsletters might be subject to prior sales without prior notice and if the wreath is unavailable we can try to make something similar. Please note though, that every wreath is unique and one of a kind and materials used in trying to duplicate a floral that is previously made can vary and where they might not be exact mirrored duplicates. Mirrored duplicates require ordering twice the material at the beginning of the project and not all projects are able to be duplicated mirrored.



All rates are subject to change without prior notice. Please go here for more information and visit the page of the floral you are considering and check out the pricing lists there:


Custom Orders

Most of the wreaths we offer are made in our studio. Custom orders are possible, please inquire about booking. Please be aware that acquiring the materials to make a custom order takes time and delays can occur on any low stock item. You are welcome to provide the material, however studio charges will be added on.



If you need a wreath or a floral by a specific date, or custom-made, we will try hard to work in your dateline, however, we are not responsible for shipping delays or damages that occur in shipping. Your wreath or arrangement will be insured for the value at the time of purchase and it will be up to the purchaser to file a claim with the shipper and to notify us that said damage has occurred.

We will text or email you on the day your wreath is shipped and give you your data on when you can expect its arrival.

For more information on shipping go here:

All wreaths are shipped and will have a tracking number from the shipper.



To claim a coupon from a newsletter, please put in the message box below

“I want my coupon”

and let us know the month of the newsletter! We will email you your coupon!



Do you have a credit on your account? Please inquire.

If you are new and want to set up an account, please let us know


Ordering On Line Contact Form

Please use the form below


To Book An Appointment


We Appreciate Your Feedback!




Thank You




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